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    There's some evidence indicating the onset of the following symptoms: Mood swings Aggression/violent behavior Depression Irritability Inability to sleep In case of the gastrointestinal system, the following symptoms might occur: Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea Specific Effects in Men and Women Since this drug is a derivative of DHT, it is believed that it could have masculinizing/virilizing effects on women. These include: Hirsutism (Excessive facial hair/body hair) Deepening of voice Male pattern baldness It could also cause frequent acne breakouts, increased/decreased sex drive, or menstrual irregularities in women. Men could experience the following symptoms: Breast enlargement or tenderness Changes in libido Impotence Besides the aforementioned side effects, it is believed that anabolic steroids could decrease blood glucose concentrations. It is believed that this drug could interact with diabetes medication and blood thinners. Thus, do inform your doctor about your existing medical Spartagen XT conditions and the drugs that you are taking currently. This drug must also be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Night sweats may refer to abnormal and excessive sweating during the night, and especially while sleeping. It is completely normal for anyone to perspire profusely at night due to unusually high temperature, or because of using too many bed clothes. But if the person perspires otherwise, then it could signal a problem. Night sweats are different from normal sweating as they are not related to any physical activity such as exercise, they occur mostly during sleep, and they can be profuse enough to soak bedclothes, sheets or blankets. Causal Agents of Night Perspiration in Men # It is difficult to pin-point the exact cause of sweating occurring mostly at nights.

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